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lubberly adj
1 clumsy and unskilled; "a big stupid lubberly fellow"
2 inexperienced in seamanship; "of all landlubbers the most lubberly" [syn: landlubberly]

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  1. Clumsy and stupid; resembling a lubber (an inexperienced person).
    Ponocrates and Eudemon burst out in a laughing so heartily, that they had almost split with it, and given up the ghost, in rendering their souls to God: even just as Crassus did, seeing a lubberly ass eat thistles;
  2. Lacking in seamanship; of or suitable to a landlubber who is new to being at sea and unfamiliar with the ways of a sailor.
    "Do not use such a lubberly expression, my dear Rose, if you respect your father's profession. On a vessel is a new-fangled Americanism, that is neither fish, flesh, nor red-herring, as we sailors say,— neither English nor Greek."


  1. In the manner of a landlubber.
    I'm not ignorant of these matters, having been many years at sea—and seamen, you must know, are curious in knots; I cannot endure to see anything done lubberly.
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